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Fiction Leveled

The goal of all teachers is to make the classroom library the focal point of their room.
It is the place where students can go to find books with information, adventure, humor, fantasy, and real-life situations.
Attanasio & Associates’ Fiction Leveled Libraries for grades K – 8 encourage students to read books that are challenging but not frustrating, books that support guided and independent reading. The libraries include six copies of single level books organized along a gradient of difficulty. Each book has been leveled according to the guidelines of Fountas and Pinnell and the gradient follows their recommendations as well.
The Fiction Leveled Libraries are organized around specific criteria that include:

– books selected from a wide range of high-quality publishers.
– books without cultural or gender stereotypes.
– a variety of fiction genres.
– books in a series with the same character and/or topic where grade appropriate.
– beautiful illustrations that support the text.
– books that encourage students to examine plot, literary devices, and character development while being immersed in an engaging story.

We know these libraries will be an exciting and stimulating addition to your classroom!

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