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Upper Grade Struggling Reader Collection

  • Age appropriate photographs and content with easily readable text.
  • Science and Social Studies books for upper grade students. F & P Levels A-I.
  • 18 Science books and 18 Social Studies books.
  • Teacher’s Notes.
  • Excellent for SIFE/Newcomers.
  • Reproducible blackline masters for each book.
  • Packaged in a convenient storage bag.
  • Struggling Reader Collection $229.00

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    Informational Text at Levels A – I

    For upper-grade students who need simple, easy-to-read
    text with strong picture support.

    Includes: Teacher Notes and Blackline Masters for each book.

    18 science titles and 18 social studies titles:

    Ocean Animals Science
    What Moves Fast? Science
    Bad Weather Science
    Nests Science
    Heavy and Light Science
    Powerful Plants Science
    Bees To Honey Science
    Birds Need Trees – Trees Need Birds Science
    Big Cats, Little Cats Science
    Deciduous and Evergreen Trees Science
    Earth’s Land and Water Science
    Life of a River Science
    Where Does Garbage Go? Science
    Energy From the Sun Science
    Life Cycle of a Frog Science
    The Moon Science
    Measure the Weather Science
    What Is a Mammal? Science
    Places Plants Grow Social Studies
    Ways To Travel  Social Studies
    Road Signs Social Studies
    Wheels Social Studies
    Clothes Long Ago Social Studies
    Volunteers Social Studies
    Landmarks Around The World Social Studies
    Who Looks After Your Town? Social Studies
    Animal Habitats Social Studies
    Old Buildings, New Buildings Social Studies
    What Do Firefighters Do? Social Studies
    Big Cities Social Studies
    People Who Help at Car   Accidents Social Studies
    From Plan to House Social Studies
    Tell Me About the Continents Social Studies
    What Do Police Officers Do? Social Studies
    African Art Social Studies
    Bargaining at the Market Social Studies
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