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Spanish Literature-Popular

A new addition to Attanasio’s Spanish collections, Popular Spanish Libraries are filled with adaptations of the best in children’s literature!
There are no word-to-word translations included since they are often inaccurate and non-idiomatic. Many times stories lose the color and depth of the originals if they are translated by non-native Spanish speakers. We are proud to include the work of internationally recognized translator, Teresa Mlawer, in these libraries.

Students should be exposed to various genres, including some exemplary adaptations of classics, fairytales and fables, realistic fiction, and poetry. All of the books have been reviewed by experts in the field to guarantee appropriateness of language and topic. Titles were selected based on readability, relevance, and their capacity to captivate young minds. Your students will look forward to reading and sharing ideas they have gleaned from these books.

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