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Spanish Literature-Authentic

Our classrooms welcome and embrace a multiplicity of Latino cultures formed by a mosaic of students from countries such as Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Venezuela, and the Caribbean.
Attanasio & Associates has compiled authentic Spanish literature libraries that reflect the diverse attributes, backgrounds, experiences, and voices of thousands of students who attend our schools.
Our libraries are rich with engaging and appealing literature providing students with an insight into their Spanish language, culture, traditions, and history.
Authentic literature in the classroom affirms a child’s feelings of self-worth and helps students identify with their inherited culture.

Fables and folktales
Realistic fiction
Short stories


Books of high literary quality with strong plots and well developed characterizations.
Settings other than western or urban to promote cultural understandings and develop multiple perspectives.
Strong storylines to encourage students to respond in a personal way fostering meaningful discussions and accountable talk.

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