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Spanish Content

Through native language instruction, students are able to acquire concepts, ask questions, express themselves in both oral and written language, and communicate their needs. We are pleased to offer you a complete curriculum-based Spanish Content Classroom Library that will provide:

A wealth of relevant informational texts
Engaging literature in content areas

Attanasio & Associates has carefully complied Spanish content Libraries from kindergarten through grade eight. These libraries are aligned to the New York State Standards in social studies, science and mathematics.
According to recent research by Burns, Griffin, & Snow:
"Despite various controversies, considerable evidence suggests that limited or non-English-speaking language learners are generally more likely to become better readers of English when they receive initial instruction in their native language."
Burns, M.S., Griffin, P. & Snow, C.E. (Eds.).(1999). Starting Out Right: A Guide to Promoting Children’s Reading Success.
All of our libraries contain books on the physical, life and earth sciences. These books are beautifully illustrated and provide strong picture support to the text. The social studies titles were carefully chosen to reflect the curriculum of that particular grade. We have also included books that support content instruction through fables, historical fiction, biography, poems, and other genre. Our books encourage interactive read-alouds, independent reading, and group research.

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