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Social Studies

Social Studies Classroom Libraries use nonfiction & historical fiction books to engage students and provide “talking points” to spark class discussions.
In a world where our students can communicate with children oceans away in a fraction of a second, our students need to know about world cultures in order to understand the similarities and differences between nations.  They need to understand American history in order to become responsible citizens.
Consultants at Attanasio & Associates have researched and compiled Social Studies Libraries with exciting, relevant literature. The books which we have carefully selected meet those needs!
The books in our libraries are correlated to the New York Social Studies Standards:

To deepen and enhance instruction, all of the books are chosen to encompass the genres of:
– Biography
– Folktales
– History
– Historical fiction
– Nonfiction
– Poetry
– Realistic fiction

The libraries reflect the curriculum of a particular grade through these genres, enabling teachers and students to capture experiences and explore different aspects of daily life, history, and culture. Some of the concepts that students will learn about include:

– How geography affects the needs and wants of a people.
– How scarcity has often led to wars.
– That the citizens of a nation have rights and responsibilities as defined by their laws.
– That the global economy promotes free trade interdependence.

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