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Reluctant Reader

The Attanasio & Associates Reluctant Reader Classroom Libraries have been designed to meet the varied need of all types of reluctant readers. They include:

Students who are interested in reading but don’t read well.
Students who lack an interest in reading but read on or above grade level
Students with specific learning problems that impede their progrss in reading.

We need to motivate our reluctant readers to stimulate their interests in books and empower them to determine what they want to read. The only way a student can become a better, more strategic reader is to read regularly. A strategic reader is one who uses strategies such as prediction, inferring, drawing conclusions, summarizing and rereading to improve comprehension.
All of the titles have been selected for appropriateness of vocabulary, sentence length and complexity, print size, and of course, interest level. Each library has a readability range from easy to challenging within a variety of genre. There are picture books for read alouds and books in series so that students can become familiar with a character and an authors writing style.
The Attanasio & Associates Reluctant Reader Libraries encourage your students to read more by engaging them in strong storylines and promoting a feeling of success.

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