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Health, Safety, and Nutrition

The Attanasio Health, Safety and Nutrition libraries serve as a framework for classroom instruction and discussion. Following the guidelines of the National Health Education Standards*, these libraries provide students with books that will expand their knowledge base, offering a coherent vision of what it means to be “health literate.” (*NIH; American Cancer Society, 2007)
Our students’ education must keep pace with a rapidly changing world. Often they have difficulties managing the strong emotions of adolescence, changing patterns of family living, balancing the potentially life-threatening lure of drugs and alcohol with peer pressure, and developing a healthy relationship with food. The books in these libraries offer a factual, non-threatening way to explore and learn about these issues and more, including:

– Nutrition
– Family life
– The dangers of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs
– Safety, first aid, and survival
– Community health
– Environmental health
– Diseases and disorders
– Consumer health
– Emotional health
– Healthful life styles

Prepare your students to live a healthy lifestyle with books that are developmentally appropriate for their grade!

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