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English Language Learners are often exposed to hearing English extensively for the first time in the classroom where they are interacting with the language both academically and socially. While book selection is important for all students, it is especially critical for English Language Learners. Research shows that not all books are equally effective with this population (Smallwood, 1991; Tabors, 1997).
The Attanasio and Associates ESL/ENL Classroom Libraries have been designed to address issues of particular importance to language minority students.

-The content is appropriate to both the child’s age and intellectual development.
- Language use is at or slightly above the learner’s level.
- Clear meaningful texts in a variety of genres with supportive illustrations.
- Read alouds are designed to increase vocabulary and deepen comprehension. Instruction in oral language was a major consideration in the selection of all read alouds.
- All libraries include titles with rhyme and repetitive texts.

Authentic literature is engaging and motivates all learners. The Attanasio & Associates libraries include books for independent reading and read aloud. These books enable teachers to build stronger connections academically and socially with English as the students become an integral part of their learning community.

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