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Character Education

In addition to educating our students in the major content areas, we also must include character education as an integral part of our work. When we focus on the whole child, we address issues such as: bullying, disabilities, family, friendship, perseverance, responsibility and sportsmanship.
In this way,we provide students with the tools to handle the difficult situations they encounter each day. Through the powerful impact of rich literature and the valuable discussions that surround the texts, we offer students a "way of looking" at many social issues from a variety of perspectives that is neither preachy nor in conflict with personal beliefs.
Students are encouraged to talk about what motivated the character to behave in a particular way and to recognize the impact that the action had. In addition, they may brainstorm or share alternatives for the character’s actions that they feel may also be appropriate for the situation based on their own experiences.
The Attanasio & Associates Character Development Libraries include carefully chosen books, ranging from 33-42 titles, designed to:

– Stimulate discussions
– Explore problems without presenting obvious solutions
– Broaden the student’s perspective

We know you and your students will enjoy reading how the characters in these books developed confidence by the choices they made and learned that doing the right thing may be difficult at times but ultimately worthwhile.

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