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Education in the arts is essential to students’ intellectual, social, physical and emotional development. Through the study of music, visual arts, drama, and dance, students not only develop the ability to think creatively and critically, they gain an appreciation of the great importance of the arts, as both sources of enjoyment and as a means of communication.
The Attanasio and Associates Art Libraries, which are available for grades K-12, contain books highlighting:

- Architecture
- Dance
- Drama
- Folk Arts
- Music
- Visual arts

Through these books, students are exposed to varied works which broaden their horizons as they learn about artistic traditions of their own and other cultures. They develop the ability to communicate in various artistic media and to link the study of the arts with the study of history, geography, language, culture, and communication.For example, students will learn to see a relationship between music and mathematics, or how geometry is evident in the composition of a painting.
Each library is an exciting foray into various forms of artistic expression. The books in the Attanasio and Associates Art Libraries are beautifully illustrated and include biographies of famous artists and their works. Teachers are provided with the books necessary to integrate the arts into the content areas. In addition, the books encourage students to appreciate the arts as the building blocks of our culture.
We know that you will enjoy sharing these exciting titles with your students.

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