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Poesía – Small Group Spanish Language Poetry Kit$480.00

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Contains 6 copies of 15 Spanish Poems

Kit Includes:
-15 beautifully illustrated poems with explicit comprehension strategies.
-Teacher guide with individual lesson plans for each poem
-Downloadable student workbooks
-Digital CD: poems and activities for the SMARTboard

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Product Description

Rev Up Poesía is a fantastic NEW poetry resource that caters to all levels.  It offers opportunities for reading, writing, speaking and  listening in Spanish.

The program is comprised of 15 Spanish poems – with lesson plans for EACH poem.  The poems cover a range of social studies and science topics.  Rep Up Poesía provides a unique six-experience teaching sequence called The Structure of Six.  This format provides opportunities for students to enjoy reading, analyzing, and creating poetry.  It also provides the opportunity to gain deep comprehension of a variety of poetic types and elements.

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